A few words about insurance

Our decision not to bill insurance was not made lightly. We found we couldn't do it and still practice the way we want. That doesn't mean you shouldn't carry insurance, or that you can't benefit from it as our patient.

Even though we don't bill your insurance company, you can and you should. We provide thorough
documentation of our care as part of our clinic records. You can submit a copy of these records to your carrier, and in many cases you will be reimbursed by them directly for the care we provide. Unfortunately, this is not true for Medicare.

First of all, we recommend you get it. We can't predict when you might get sick or hurt enough to need a lot of (expensive)health care. The prevention-oriented care we provide may make it less likely, but stuff happens. If you are Medicaid or Medicare eligible - or think you are - contact them to discuss getting coverage. If your employers offer good, inexpensive insurance plans, talk with them. If you or any close relatives have been in the military, you may be eligible for special coverage.

If all else fails, especially if you are relatively young and healthy, a high-deductible insurance policy with a Health Savings Account may be a good option to explore.