Essential fatty acids

Your body makes some kinds of fat on its own, but not all the kinds that it needs. There are two main categories of these ESSENTIAL fats: omega-3 and omega-6. Most people don't need very much of either. It is probably more important that you get a balanced amount of both. Right now, you probably aren't. If you eat packaged, processed foods, grain-fed meat, or cook/season with a significant amount of vegetable oils, you are probably getting way too much omega-6. And unless you eat a lot of fresh seafood or supplements, you probably aren't getting enough omega-3.

The reasons this is important are complex and still being researched. However, by simply limiting the amount of vegetable oils (hidden or obvious) in your diet and supplementing with fish oil, you may fine-tune the same fundamental process in your body targeted by medications that treat pain, heart disease, and asthma. I'll expand this discussion later.