Practice philosophy

Lost Pines Family Health is founded on a few core principles:

#1 GET TO KNOW THE PATIENTS. Many traditional practices feel compelled to schedule large numbers of patients a day to stay in business. Sadly, this often means the provider only sees the patient for a few minutes, regardless of how long is needed or wanted. We only schedule two new patients an hour, and take longer if we have to. We won't "squeeze" patients in, unless the problem is simple enough, and the patient is willing.

#2 BE HONEST AND OPEN WITH PATIENTS. People often feel their providers aren't telling them everything. It isn't necessarily anything sinister - sometimes (as above) they don't feel they have the time for full disclosure. We do everything we can to make our patients feel fully "in the loop", and we welcome any questions about diagnosis or treatment.  Also, we let them know in advance if or how much anything we do is going to cost them.

#3 TREATMENT WITHOUT PREVENTION IS MOSTLY WORTHLESS. We don't believe there are "drug deficiency" diseases. Some patients are ill enough that they may need medication indefinitely, if not for the rest of their lives. Most, however, could get well enough to reduce or eliminate the need for chronic treatment with enough focus on preventative measures (diet, exercise, etc). And many can avoid becoming sick altogether. We'll do all we can to help.

We do not contract with an insurance company of any kind. We prefer to be paid by the people we're actually working for: our patients.